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Procrastination, lack of a clear purpose and improper use of time are a few
of the many factors that are preventing you from achieving online success.

Read forward to discover a totally new approach to time and life management that will allow you to take massive actions into your plans and achieve the kind of online success you deserve.

Dear soon-to-be-productive friend,

I will be honest with you.

Every time I’ve failed on my face in Internet Marketing it was not because external circumstances. It was not because of the down economy or because Mr. Guru did not provide me with the right “secrets” to make my online dreams happen.

It was because I did not take enough proper action.

I used to talk about business; I used to think about business, I used to draw plans that would make me an Internet Entrepreneur, but I’ve failed again and again to put in the most major ingredient into this mixture.

And that was – massive, laser focused action.

Why? Well, there are many reasons.

I procrastinated, I’ve used my time in the wrong ways, and I’ve focused on the things that were not really important.

And even if I don’t know you personally, I’m willing to bet that you’ve failed to achieve online success because of this factor too. You knew what you wanted and you knew how to get it. But you failed to take action. Massive action.

  • You’ve expected for the right time to come.
  • You’ve always considered tomorrow to be a better day.

And thanks of this, what could have been your big online business now is just an idea in your head that was never acted upon.

I understand you. I’ve been there.

“The Reason Why You’ve Failed To Take Action”

 The main problem for the lack of proper execution was that you’ve lacked any kind of real structure and control.

Think about it.

If you were to have a boss that would have managed you, using what you know right now, you would have achieved online success, right?

It would have been impossible not to do it.

If you had someone to tell you what to do daily and how to do it, you would have done it, right? Of course you would. You should have been crazy not to act on it, especially knowing that it will help you build a successful online business.

But like the most of us, you did not have the good luck to have that person around. You were all on your own. You’ve built your own home office, but there was no one there to tell you what to do next.

And even if you had the best intentions, you were afraid. You were afraid to screw it up. You were afraid that you’re going to do something and that it would not work. Available today for the low low price of $21


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So you’ve procrastinated.

You’ve found something else to do, day by day, week by week.

You’ve started to post on forums. You’ve started to read books. You’ve started several online businesses but you’ve completed none.

This is how it happens usually. Because you had no true certainty of what you must actually do, of what comes next – you’ve always let that “must do” go to tomorrow, to the next week, to the next month.

However, nothing is lost.

You can recover from this and you can start working on your plans like there is no tomorrow. You can crush all your procrastination and boredom and achieve amazing results in a relatively short period of time.

You can do this by using your own productivity framework – by becoming your own manager.

 “How I’ve Discovered This.”

 I’d like to tell you a few things about me and how my frustration of never getting anything done prompted me to create the perfect time management system.

So let me introduce myself.

My name is Les Abbott and I am an online entrepreneur. This means that I create valuable products and I sell them online.

I run no formal office and I have no one to report to. I sometimes work at home and sometimes from other places like in my RV traveling.

However, as a internet marketer, I’ve soon discovered that working at home is easier in theory than in practice.

At home you always have the feeling of control, that you can do it anyway.

You always have “tomorrow”.

This brought me great problems in time in my entrepreneurial pursuits. I’ve missed deadlines, by a long shot, I’ve had to cancel entire projects and I’ve created work that was not representing  the best of my abilities.

I knew the formula for success. I knew that with a clear purpose and massive action, you can achieve anything you want in life. But no one taught me how to take that massive action when every part of your body doesn’t want to.

When you find yourself surfing the web or doing almost anything else than the stuff you should actually be doing. When your own mind works against you.

 “My Quest To Become Productive”

 So I’ve embarked on a journey through virtually every time management system out there. I’ve studied Getting Things Done by David Allen.

I’ve studied the Franklin Covey time management philosophy.

I’ve studied OPA (Outcome Purpose Action) from Tony Robbins.

They were great but something was always missing.

  • GTD was great for the day to day task but it was not really moving my life forward.
  • Franklin Covey was good at sorting the important vs. the distraction but did not provide a good work flow.
  • OPA was a great framework in theory, the one which actually made sense but putting it into practice, day by day, was a huge hassle.

Plus, none actually solved my lack of motivation to get the job done. None actually helped me find the long lost passion for what I do and invest all the energy and creativity I could find inside of me in a particular task of project.

That’s why I’ve decided to create my own system.

Taking concepts from great authors like Brian Tracy and Napoleon Hill and combining them with what I’ve learned from the productivity experts, I’ve developed a system that not only was useful to manage my work and get it done but to also want to do it.

Available for only $21

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 “How Is This System Working?”

 It is based on the fact that neither you nor I are robots. We can’t work like robots in a linear fashion. We must know for what we are working and we must be emotionally driven to do it.

It is based on three simple steps:

  1. Your purpose.
  2. Your workflow management.
  3. Your renewal.

Let me explain each one in particular.

Your purpose is your reason why for wanting something. It’s not just for the fact to get the job done. I’m talking about the reward at the end of the job. Without a clear purpose, without a clear “bribe”, it is impossible to stick to something once the initial motivation is gone.

Your workflow management is the science of managing what you have to do each day with as little friction as possible. It is knowing that you must eat your “frogs” each day (the most difficult tasks) and make it as easy as possible.

Your renewal is a concept I’ve first read in “The power of full engagement” by Peter Schwartz. It is based on the fact that you are not a huge battery but rather you need a constant renewal cycle in your four main dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

 “Introducing The Time Management System For Self-Employed People”

Using what I’ve learned, my productivity soared. I’ve got results.

Actual results – as launching three information products that are bringing me a constant flow of cash each month.

And then I’ve thought – I’ve got something great here. Why not help other people who were in my situation and also make some money out of it?

So I’ve packaged this system (which was on many sheets of paper and in my mind) into a framework designed especially for internet marketers and entrepreneurs. Designed for those people like you who must work without any management and who must also motivate themselves to get the work done.

How is this product unique from the tens of other time management products out there?

It’s simple. Most of those products present you with tricks, with “hacks” to save time. You learn how to save time paying the bills, how to speed up the boot time of your computer, how to dress faster in the morning, how to clean your house faster and so on.

While I have covered some of these tips in my special bonus report, the bulk of this product does not focus on that. Instead, it focuses on you. On who you are and how you need to manage yourself in order to obtain peak results. On how energy renewal must come first and time management second.

On how procrastination is an outcome of an inner or exterior factor – and to force yourself to work is usually a bad idea. How you should focus on eliminating that obstacle and then put your mind and energy into the task at hand.

 I don’t consider my philosophy unique.

It’s far from unique. But I’ve been in your position before. I’ve been in the position to search in book after book for a way to actually get things done. I’ve failed to find any such philosophy.

Instead, I’ve found bits and pieces in everything I’ve read and it was up to me to put it together into something that makes sense.

And now, you are benefiting from this. You are discovering exactly what you must do in order to be very productive and focused without going through months of trial and error.

Low Price of $21

No Thanks!

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get once you use this system:

* The secret to managing projects with ease even if you have no formal training as a project manager (this method takes me only 5 minutes, on the clock and I use it for every project I have).

* Why planning your day in detail is one of the biggest mistakes you can do (and how you should plan your day instead).

* What to never do if you want to keep a life / work balance (even if right now I’m sure you are breaking this rule).

* The secret to getting more done each day by doing less (then 20 / 80 rule works, but only if you use this piece of wisdom too!)

* How to design your own virtual vision board using a free tool from the Internet and place it as a screen saver (in just 15 minutes you can have your own vision or visions as your computer wallpaper with zero technical or artistic skill required).

* Why 90% of all people are productive only 2 – 3 hours a day, spending the rest of the time worrying or doing unimportant tasks (understanding this alone will help you get to the top if you want to).

* What you must do when someone else does not want to respect your time (this is the simplest and the most risk free method for enforcing your rules).

* What to never do if you want to finish the most important tasks for that day before 17:00 … even if this will give you a great sense of pleasure (and I’m not talking about Facebook here).

* Why you should not have an smartphone and what to do if you already have one (discover how smartphones are making our lives harder instead of easier).

* How to proclaim your day a total success by using your imagination and creativity (this method is so unorthodox that any businessman would laugh at you for doing it – but who cares – it works!)

* How to design your mornings in such a way that they will provide you with huge momentum for the day (do this and nothing that happens in that day could affect you).

* What are the three thoughts about time management you must give up in order to become truly productive (these are the same three rules proclaimed in virtually every time management book).

* What to never do when you set goals or you design your life (unless you want to fail again and again of course).

* What to never do if you want to remain productive all day (let me give you a hint – it involves working less).

* The secret to discovering your true purpose, the one which will drive you to do great things with your life (it’s based on feelings and thoughts you are now feeling ashamed of).

* How to find your true “north” and use it each day to stay motivated and focused (if you do this trick alone, you will never have problems with procrastination ever again).

* Why traditional time management solutions are not functional for freelancers and self-employed people and what you can do about it (if you were ever frustrated of how time management works for you, then this will make it clear to you why).

* The secret to regaining your motivation reserves when you are feeling down (your body is designed to change its state automatically if this happens).

* What you can do when you are away from a computer and you must get work done (this is the most counterintuitive answer possible but if you get past your initial feelings and actually do this, you will achieve amazing productivity).

* Why you should not invest into an expensive day planner (and the #1 reason why day planners are made for an age that has passed).

* What you must do right now or tonight in order to have the best day of your life tomorrow (most people don’t do this and they regret it afterwards).

* What you should do when someone else is late for a meeting, virtual or otherwise (this takes guts but if you do this, you can be sure that he’ll not be late again in the future!)

* What to never do when you plan your day or it will be a complete disaster (however, so many people are doing this and they never learn from their mistake).

* Ways to recharge your physical energy which does not involve sports or coffee (you can use these methods to give yourself a boost of energy every time you are feeling tired).

* PLUS: How to recharge your spiritual energy in just a few minutes a day (it does not involve prayer).

* PLUS: How to use useful tools online in order to become a highly productive person (and I’m going to show you how not to become a slave of your tools)

* PLUS: How to use a voice recorder so you can keep your mental RAM empty (once I’ve started to do this, I’ve never felt overwhelmed ever again).

* And a lot more!

 “Create The Kind Of Life You Want!”

Most people are just waiting for some kind of miracle to happen to them.

While some people get lucky, if you can call that luck, most don’t. I don’t. I’m willing to bet that you won’t get anything for free either in this life. Life plays no favorites and the people who got
something for nothing will lose it just as fast.

That’s why you must know how to create what you want in your life, how to create the kind of circumstances that will leave you rich, happy and fulfilled. That will make you say “God damn it, I’ve done it”. That will make you smile just for the sole reason of existing.

You want a life lived by design, not by circumstances.

This system will show you how achieve this.

My life and time management system is not only a way to save a few minutes here and a few minutes there. It’s a philosophy designed to help you take control over your life on a meta and micro level.

It’s a way to set a reliable strategy for your week, month, year and the rest of your life. And it’s also a way to take that grand strategy, what you want out of the next 10 years and boil it down to what you must do today in order to achieve it.

 Finish everything you must do before 17:00.

You know what my biggest paradigm change was? The fact that no matter what I do, I must finish before 17:00, similar to a 9 – 5 worker.

Was this because I lack ambition and I don’t want to work more? To the contrary. It was a challenge aimed to myself to work in a smart way, to manage myself and my circumstances so efficiently that I must finish before the “deadline”.

And now you’re going to learn how to do this too.

It’s not easy though. I’m going to give you a hint. You’ll have to wake up earlier. But if you put it into practice, you’re going to go home (and stop working if you are working at home) before 17:00
without feeling like you’ve lost something.

You’re going to work both smart and hard without becoming an workaholic. In the end it matters what you’ve got done, not how many hours you’ve put in.

 Prevent burnout.

Burnout is the mental fog that kills your productivity and mood for life. You can develop it in many ways – if you work too hard, if you are stressed beyond measure  or if you are frustrated due to your lack of progress.

It was a good friend of mine.

I’ve experienced it again and again. There were periods in which I’ve felt it for days in a row. And my usual solution to getting past burnout was working more. I was wrong.

But now I know how to prevent burnout from happening.

I know that the human body is not like a battery that recharges itself over night It’s a complicated system that needs renewal systems in place for its four main dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

And by learning how to renew yourself in these four areas, you can be sure that you’ll never experience burnout for the rest of your life.

 Gain one or two extra hours daily.

Even if you will manage yourself and not your time, this does not mean that you should let your time wasters free.

For example, did you knew that email takes on average about two hours per day? But that’s not for actually processing email. Most people just check email, recheck it to see if they’ve got something new and review what they’ve already received.

 They live in the email inbox.

Did you know that you can save hours every month by using an electronic payment solution to your bills than to pay them in person?

Or the fact that installing a minimalistic operating system on your computer plus a cloud based productivity suite will prevent you from getting distracted?

There are many things you can do to recover time. There are many things you can do not to fall into the “Solitaire productivity trap”, when you work all day but you’ve got nothing done because you’’ve spent most of our time on Twitter, Facebook and email.

And once you’ve implemented at least 20% of these fixes, you will have at least two extra hours of time each day.

 Create an efficient time management system either for free or for a very small investment.

I’ve always thought that a better tool to manage my time would make me productive. That it would kill my procrastination.

So I’ve tried everything. I’ve invested over $100 in phone applications for my BlackBerry. I’ve tried every popular online time management solution starting with Remember the Milk and ending with high end solutions like GoalScape.

They were great. I have nothing to say bad about them. But I always expected for them to make my job easier when they were simply time or project management solutions.

So I’ve closed all my accounts and I’ve created a simple system that costed me around $50 (you will also get a system that it will cost you exactly $0)) one which I use daily.

And guess what?

It works. I always know what I have to do in any given day and I don’t feel the stress that I should be doing something else.

I know for example that right now I must write this sales letter before 17:00. Then I will take care of some personal errands. Then I will enjoy the rest of the day.

The alternative would have been to look at my huge project list and feel the anxiety kicking in, not knowing which to start first.

I’m not falling into this trap anymore and as soon as you implement it, you won’t either.

 Feel creative and have the best time of your life.

There’s nothing worse than feeling that you have to do the same things again and again like a robot. That you must do them instead of “get to do them”.

Well, this philosophy will once ignite the fire inside of you, the passion inside of you for what you do, even if you will do the same boring repetitive tasks.

Once you apply the “purpose exercise”, you will melt any resistance towards doing something and you will actually enjoy what you’ve once despised.

 What Will Do For You

 How will you feel as a consequence of implementing this system?

Well, let’s think about it. In the first day when you’ll buy it, you should go through the “Quick Start Guide”. This contains a step by step guide on how you can plan your day to achieve the
most out of it.

It’s rather short and you can print it and write directly on it. This will help you structure your day in such a way that you will get more than the usual.

However, this is not the true power. By this moment, you are only managing your time. When you will have gone through the modules and you have discovered how to manage yourself your life will change.

First of all, while it will not eliminate procrastination completely, using the purpose finding exercise will be a quick and efficient way to get yourself to do something you don’t want.

Second, by renewing your energy on a constant basis, you will experience a higher level of focus, motivation and mental clearness than before. This will translate into a better job which in
end will mean more money, or whatever reward you are working for.

And third, by planning your entire life you will know at all times where you are going and to some degree, how you are going to get there. We are not going to plan your life in detail because life will follow it’s own course, not your plan.

However, you will know your north and you will know what you must do next in order to truly get there.

Only $21

No Thanks!

 So What Exactly Are You Getting?

 So what exactly are you getting here my soon-to-be very productive friend? You are getting a complete system that will allow you not only to save time, but to take complete control of your life.

You will discover simple ways to create a lifestyle that allows you to give the best, professionally and personally and take to completion any task you may have begun.

This is not a course about how to save five minutes here and five minutes there. If you save 30 minutes and then you spend them on Facebook, you haven’t really saved them right?

I know this best. How? Because in the last two years I have struggled to be productive. I have studied virtually every system on the market.

I have studied and invested time in systems like:

  •  Getting Things Done by David Allen
  •  Time of Your Life by Tony Robbins
  •  The Franklin Covey planner.
  •  Pomodoro by Francesco Cirillo

And many more. However, while each one of these were great systems, they were not really the right fit for me. It was something missing. So I’ve started to use principles from every major time management system out there and create my own.

A system that I’m using today. A system that allowed me to write this page in just a few days. A system that allows me to finish everything I have to do before 17:00 each day and then have tons of energy for the rest of the day.

A system that may not work for executives, the people for which most of these systems were created but which will work for a article writer, for an Internet marketer, for an blogger, for someone who needs to manage himself in order to earn his living.

And I’m sure it will work for you too.

There are five modules, three bonuses and one quick start manual to this system. From my own experience, when a book that teaches you how to save time takes 20 hours to read, then it’s not a very effective book.

That’s why the total time you are going to invest in this course is between 4 and 5 hours. The quick start workbook is so simple and so to the point that you can go through it and implement my daily time management system in as little as 30 minutes.

Then when you will have the time, you should go through the five modules to learn everything there is to know about time management and personal management.

But why don’t we take a look directly at what’s contained into this course:

1. Quick Start Guide ($19.97 value) – A quick and efficient guide to help you organize your day without getting you into too many details. If you want to regain control of today or tomorrow before investing the time required to complete the entire course, then you should read this first.

2. Module 1 – Personal Management Vs. Time Management – This first module shows you that you can’t truly manage time. You can’t slow it down and you can’t earn or waste time. You can only manage yourself better to work in the real of time.

3. Module 2 – Anti-Procrastination Secrets – If you ever found yourself needing to do something but you could just not move to do it, then this is the perfect module for you. It will show you how lack of a clear purpose and plan leads to procrastination and how you can become motivated by what you have to do not by tricking yourself but by actually giving birth to that motivation inside of you.

3. Module 3 – Life Management 101 – If time management is the down-to-earth strategy you apply each day in order to get your task done, life management is making sure that in the long term you are doing the right things and that you are moving closer to what you want instead of away from it. This module will show you how you can manage your life and how you can set goals that actually works.

4. Module 4 – How To Avoid Burnout – Burnout is something that appears when you’ve pushed yourself over the limit, especially if you are an information worker. It’s when your body can still work but your brain wants to rest. When burnout occurs, it’s hard to get anything done without major errors and you usually have to rest for at least 12 hours. In this module you are going to learn how to prevent this from happening!

5. Module 5 – How To Design Your Environment For productivity – Earn Nightingale said that your environment reflects who you truly are. He was right and it works the other way around. If your environment is negative, your thoughts will be negative too. In this final module I’m going to show you how you can design the ideal home or business office.

6. Bonus 1 – 97 “140 Characters or less” tips on saving time – Here you will discover around 100 tips in a Twitter like fashion that will help you save time. It’s a quick and pleasant read that will teach you time saving opportunities you did not knew about.

7. Bonus 2 – Simple Project Planning – If you are a freelancer or an internet marketer, then more often than not you need to plan projects. Now, not all of us were born with a project planning degree so I’ve searched on my own how to do effective project planning. What I’ve found was a complicated science that took more time to learn that I had available. So I’ve invented this simple five step process to planning every project and I’ve used it ever since.

8. Bonus 3 – Productivity Boosting Tools – I’m a big fan of having the latest gadget and software. In this final bonus I’m going to show you what I’ve tried and how it can help you live a better, more fulfilling life.

Available for only $21

No Thanks!

That’s a big package, isn’t it?

But as I’ve told you, don’t worry, it will not take 20 hours to complete it. Instead, you can just use the quick start guide to plan your current day and then with the time saved, go through the other modules.

Plus, here are two surprises I’m sure you will enjoy.

The first one is unlimited customer support. This means that if you have any question on any of the concepts found in the course, I will be available to answer you personally. The second is unlimited lifetime updates. Every time I release an update to the course you will be notified by email and you will receive it for free, even if everyone else must pay more now for it.

 The price for this amazing package?

 My initial thought was to sell this for at least $300. The people who usually buy time management books are working hard and have money to spend. But then I’ve realized that I’m not writing this for Fortune 500 CEOs.

I’m writing it for you, the entrepreneur who is launching his first information product and which invested all his money into it.

Or you, the struggling freelancer who has a lot too much on his plate and he doesn’t know when he’ll get it done.

Or you, the worker who receives tens of tasks per day and does not know how to get them all done on time and on specs.

That’s why one time only, I will offer this package worth at least $300 for only $21,

Yes, that’s right, just $21. You’ve read right. That’s virtually lower than almost any time management course out there. That’s lower than buying your own quality planner.

That’s low enough to kill all my profits. But I know something. I know the fact that if you buy it, you’ll read it. If you’ll read it, you’ll know how to put your ideas into execution and you’ll make money thanks to my ideas. Then when I’ll launch a different product, maybe in the same niche or something different, you’ll be the first one to buy it.

So let’s review once again why you should invest into this course.

This course will help you eliminate procrastination and it will help you get past your internal and external barriers in order to transform dreams into reality.

  •  It will show you in the most practical way how to discover what you want and how you can make yourself work day by day, week by week until you’ve got it.
  •  It will transform you into an efficient self-employed person.
  •  It will help you finish everything you have to do before 17:00, it will prevent you from feeling burnout and it will help you design a life worth living.

All of this at only a price of $21.

Plus, you are fully protected by a 60 days full money back guarantee.

This means that if for any reason you are not satisfied with this course, you can drop me an email and I’ll refund you every penny. Plus, you can keep the three bonuses as a token of my good will.

 You’ve got virtually nothing to lose.

So you have to make a decision now. You can keep procrastinating and wait for that day when everything it will be perfect or you can discover how I’ve got over this problem and I’ve became an efficient self-employed worker.

It’s your choice. However, we both know that if you don’t take action now, you will never take. If you are not interested in becoming productive, then you will never have the focus and the power to achieve what you want.

Available for only $21